Friday Photography: Adventure in Crested Butte

These are some of my favorite photos from a trip to Crested Butte, Colorado two weeks ago. My first time on the mountain was an adventure. Mountain vistas surrounded us.

Snowboarding in Crested Butte Colorado

My husband, Danny, and I met up with our daughter, Courtney, and friends and took a few turns on the mountain. I kept pulling out my camera to take pictures of the incredible views.

Mount Crested Butte

We all tested negative for COVID, so conversing in a social situation without masks felt dreamlike.

Catwalk on Crested Butte Ski Resort

I’ll be glad when we don’t have to mask up on the mountain.

Masked up in Crested Butte

It was a quick trip from Breckenridge. We had planned to ski for two days and head back on Wednesday. It was a good thing I stopped to take pictures when I did.

The gang in Crested Butte

We took a few turns for you in the video below. Let’s go skiing!

The next day was a debacle — a crazy story to be continued next week. Can you guess what happened?

34 thoughts on “Friday Photography: Adventure in Crested Butte

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  1. I have been to Crested Butte (in the summer). Beautiful then as well. Isn’t that the only mountain in the U.S. Rockies that you can actually walk around?

    I’m guessing you started an avalanche?


  2. Looks glorious Susie. How wonderful to be able to go out and enjoy the slopes with your family, so jealous as we are still completely locked down here in England.


    1. Thanks, Jonno!
      How is the vaccine distribution there? Danny got his first shot last week and I hope to get mine soon. I worry that many states are overreacting to the downward trend and we’ll see another rise. It’s a race to get shots in arms!!!


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