A COVID Shot in the Arm

On March 10, 2020, I flew back to Colorado after celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday. Little did any of us know that it would be the last time we would gather in a big group with friends and family. It would be the last time I flew anywhere. Days later, the entire country went into lockdown. One year later to the day — March 10, 2021 — I planned to get my first shot in the arm with the COVID-19 vaccine. What were the odds?

When Danny booked my appointment last Sunday morning, I was relieved and excited. In forty-two days, I would come out of hibernation. My hair has grown down to the middle of my back. I’ve gotten used to not wearing makeup. I haven’t bought beauty products in over a year.

I imagined taking bike rides without fear of someone spitting in my direction and chilling out when riding up the chairlift shoulder-to-shoulder with other skiers and boarders.

The life of a writer is isolating, but with COVID, I’ve been next level.

No travel that required flights. No parties. No book club gatherings, conferences, or indoor meetups. Most people had some social interactions in the last year. My husband is a commercial real estate agent and plays tennis. My sister works retail. My kids have small pods of friends. My mom has friends who mask-up and stop by. After going through breast cancer — nearly eight years cancer-free! — and a botched partial knee replacement to fix a ski injury, I couldn’t go through COVID. I was a ten on the scale of one-to-ten in taking precautions.

This shot would open the door to the world.

Me contemplating deep thoughts on a Lake Tahoe pier.

Susie Lindau on Lake Tahoe Pier contemplating deep thoughts.

My first COVID vaccination would give me some protection in two weeks. In forty-two days, I could start socializing again!

My mind whirred with plans — vacations, starting with a California trip, outdoor barbecues, reach out to new neighbors and old friends.

I couldn’t wait, and yet nervousness set in.

As most of you know, I write thrillers. I’m in the process of querying one book while writing and revising another. I get into the flow most afternoons. Once I’m in that headspace, I lose track of time. Hours can pass. What if I missed my appointment at 3:45?

I set my phone’s alarm just in case.

On March 10, I woke up super happy and couldn’t wait to get my shot in the arm. I had a load of nervous energy and cleaned, organized, and watched Youtube videos, learning all kinds of things about vitamins, anti-aging products, and taping up your face to reduce wrinkles. Hmm.

As the day slipped by, I watched the clock. I dove into edits early and quit at 2:00. When it was 2:45, I got ready to go. I didn’t want to take chances. What if I got stuck behind a tractor?

When I arrived at Walgreens in Erie, Colorado, less than twenty minutes later, I was early. Way too early. They checked in people to receive the vaccine in order. I had to wait. With my new anti-aging knowledge in mind, I perused the aisles.

After filling my cart and then filling out paperwork, I took a seat. It wasn’t long before my name was called.

I sat down and got a shot in the arm. The shot that would change everything. MY FIRST COVID VACCINATION! It is pretty miraculous.

I floated on air as I walked to my car. Once I was on the road, I screamed, “I’M VACCINATED!” When I arrived home, I dropped my bag, ran through the house, and shouted, “I’M VACCINATED!” over and over.

Susie Lindau dancing around after getting vaccinated

Last night, I applied my new anti-aging products. I taped up my elevens, fell asleep, and dreamed of coming out of hibernation and finally LIVING LIFE LARGE AGAIN!

Don’t worry. Once my immunity has built up, I’ll still wear a mask, but I won’t sit inside my house with my nose pressed against the glass.

By the way, the tape was pretty dang miraculous too. In forty-one days, I should look like a twenty-year-old.

Like Danny, I haven’t had any adverse reactions to the shot. He had the Moderna vaccination, and I had the Pfizer. Yay!

Are you planning to get your COVID vaccination? What will you do forty-two days later? Get a professional haircut or a beauty treatment? Go to the dentist?

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  1. Congrats on your first shot, Susie! I have to wait until Clark County reaches the 60+ group, they are at 65+ at the moment. This situation will eventually pass, let’s be positive! 😊


  2. Terrific news…can’t wait to get mine! No matter ho much we may still need to mask up at times and do some social distancing, at least we can get back to somewhat of a normal life – and that means travel!


      1. Where are you headed in May? We are scheduled for Europe mid-June and are staying focused that because we now have some leadership working overtime to get us through this, the world will indeed begin to open up for us…


  3. Hmm. You do know that a jab or two only cuts down the potential of catching life threatening CoVid19? We still mask, keep our distance and many businesses still have capacity restrictions. This will go on for a long time. That said, the medical community is predicting a fourth surge and the possibility of one of the variations being worse than anything that came before. We are going to do what we want within boundaries. It’s likely we won’t tour until 2022. — Ray


      1. The thing about this virus is that it will not go away for a long time. Keep in mind that the flu for which you may vaccinated for early in the season, is a remnant of the Spanish Flu of 1918-19.

        We will be masking away from our families for at least a decade. To me that’s no big deal, I spent so much time in Asia where about half the population wears masks for a number of reasons that I was used to it.

        We get our second jabs on Saturday.

        There is a big difference between your lifestyle and ours. You live in a place where you don’t have to be around strangers most of the time. We live in two cities that are crowded.


        1. YAY, Ray! I can’t wait until two weeks after my second shot.
          I agree and plan to wear a mask during flu season, forever. Why would I want to pick up something and be miserable during the holidays??? And I’ll wear one whenever I fly somewhere for the same reason. I can see where I would wear one in crowds too. Yep, I am grateful to live where there are open spaces and lots of fresh air.


    1. Thank you, Anneli! I can’t wait until everyone who wants to be vaccinated, gets a shot. It’s so LIBERATING!! Even though I won’t change what I’m doing for the next 42 days, I am making plans. FINALLY.
      Yep, it will be 8 years at the end of May! Lots to celebrate. Thank you, kind friend!

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  4. Yay, Susie!! It is such a liberating feeling. I passed my 2-week-post-second-shot date last Thursday. So far I’ve had a pedicure, a massage, a haircut and I’ve taken myself out for lunch twice. Now to schedule all those doctors’ appointments and such that I’ve been putting off. And a trip to the vet for my poor dog!


      1. House arrest is what it has felt like! For almost an entire year, from March 11, 2020, when our county went into lockdown until March 5, 2021, when my 44 days were up. You’ll be free as a bird soon!


  5. I’m still a ways off from being eligible here in Maryland but I will get it as soon as I can. It should be just in time for us to go spend time with family in Kentucky this summer


  6. Excellent news! Here in NZ the government’s announced a vaccination programme, but it’ll be late in the year before everybody’s covered – though, on the other hand, the border controls have largely kept Covid out, so it’s not as urgent as in the US or the UK.


          1. Susie, there is confusion about it, side affects are
            being reported, i hope it’s stray news. whatever about the efficiency of it, Mother nature is getting a welcome break, amen, stay well, your story of adventure is really uplifting,keep it going,amen


  7. I received my first vaccine shot a few weeks ago, the second is scheduled for April 2nd, although our government is now considering stretching the timeline between 1st & 2nd dose in order to get more people vaccinated with at least the first dose. It’s an ever moving target!🙄. Admittedly, last fall, I was sitting on the fence about receiving it but when It came time for my turn, I welcomed the opportunity to get it in my arm!

    Although I recognize we are far from resuming what we would describe as normal, I am thrilled we are moving in a more positive direction.💕


    1. We are! We’ll be able to live our lives knowing we won’t be hospitalized or die from COVID. Once t try is is behind us, I’ll wear a mask in crowds and when flying. Or when I don’t feel like wearing makeup! 😂 it’s a great feeling!!

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  8. Hi Susie, I haven’t had my vaccine shots yet, but I’m looking forward to getting them.

    However, although 23 million people in the UK have now had their first shot, they are still not allowed to mix with other people other than those in the same household. From tomorrow, we’re allowed to meet up with two other people from another household outside. Lockdown rules are still in place and will be until the summer. Non-essential shops and services are opening slowly, but you still have to wear face coverings and social distance.

    Now I don’t want to burst anyone’s balloon, but the scientists who advise the UK government have also said that the vaccine won’t work for everyone. Depending on which vaccine you have, there is a small chance some people will still get Covid and become so ill that they have to be taken to hospital. When you think about it, the same things happens with the yearly flu jab in that it doesn’t work for everyone. Our scientists are advising people to keep following the rules, even after getting both shots of the jab. I know a nurse who works in our local hospital, and she tells me that hospitals are preparing for a third wave of Covid during the summer in the UK because not everyone will have had their shots by then. Personally, I don’t think it will be until next year until life will be back to what it was like before Covid struck. However, the vaccine is certainly a light at the end of a very long tunnel.


    1. That’s interesting since we’re being told that with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, they’ve had no one go to the hospital. We are still wearing masks everywhere. They are required indoors and only those who had both shots can meets with other who had theirs. We’ve been getting together with my sister, my daughter and her boyfriend. They all got vaccinated this week. Yay! We’re up in the mountains awaiting a snowstorm. I put the kibosh on allowing their friends to come up, even if they got tested. We are so close to the end! I don’t want to get sick after an entire year of isolation.
      We can do this!!

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  9. When I lived in Fort Collins, we took a trip and passed through Tahoe. I have a picture of me standing on a pier on the lake. Exactly like that one (I mean, could there possibly be more than one pier on that little lake???haha)
    Anyway, I got my second shot almost a month ago and I feel so free I could cry!😅


      1. Thank you for the shared enthusiasm 😊and yes, we’ve eaten out, had family over (and stayed inside!) and even went to a small winery tasting room. We still mask up (when not eating or sipping!) and stay distanced. But it’s nice knowing we most likely won’t land in the hospital from this. Super happy for you!
        In my picture, I have on light green polyester bell bottoms with a black velvet blazer. It was a “few” years ago 😂


  10. Hi Susie. As I mentioned on FB, we’ve both had our two shots (Pfizer). We celebrated with a glass of champagne and removing our ankle bracelets. Now if we can just get the sheriff to take that padlock off the front door.


    1. LOLOLOLOL!!! Wow! That is such great news, Al! Have you gone out for dinner? Made some appointments? Booked some flights, other than to Colorado? 😎 I plan to loiter at my favorite coffee shop, masked up except for an occasional sip!


      1. Yes. We have dined out, but only outside seating, even though inside is allowed. Prior to Colo we will be in San Diego for a wedding. Our friends in Arvada (and you) are a stop on the way back to Virginia. Won’t be long now.

        Enjoy that latte!


  11. I’m 72 years old, don’t understand why everyone has spent the last year inside, locked down. I’ve continued to go where I wanted to go, do what I wanted to do, didn’t wear a mask until forced too and have been fine. I’ve never worried about anything and trusted God to keep me safe from the virus and anything else out there that was unsafe according to popular oppinion. I’m now 73 and still doing wonderful in the freedoms that God gave me years ago. I’m not planning on getting an untested vaccine now or ever because I TRUST GOD who promised me that He would never leave me nor forsake me and He would protect me from all pestilence and things that happen if I would stay in relationship with Him. I’ve not been stressed about anything newsie, because He is Trustworthy and He told me He is coming back soon. I am watching and hope others are too. He is good and He is God!

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  12. Great news that you got vaccinated Susie. We got our Astrazeneca ones this morning so we’re now on the way to being covered too. Got 11 weeks to wait for the second dose though so it’s going to be a while yet. Our whole country is still locked down completely though so it won’t change anything for a while yet. Have to wait until June until things return to some sense of normality. Feel good to be done though doesn’t it?


  13. Who would have ever thought we would get this excited about getting vaccinated? Personally, I can’t wait. Unfortunately, I am waiting…and waiting. It seems to be slow going here and like you with breast cancer in my past and my current cancer treatments I don’t take any chances. The skin is falling off my hands I disinfect them so much. I long to see me family. I am pretty sure I will be running through my place screaming that I got vaccinated, just like you, when it happens.


  14. Gosh, you’re an upbeat lady, Susie.

    I’m glad you’re pleased with your vaccination and I wish you good health and many more wild rides for years to come.


  15. Susie… I am on break from school. Like you, I feel freer knowing that I have a little protection against the world and COVID. this past year has been a challenge, but keep sharing your light. Stay well, strong, safe. Peace.


    1. Thanks, Clay!
      I’m so glad to hear you’ve been vaccinated. It does make me feel somewhat protected. At first, I planned to go to coffee shops after my second shot, but now I’m going to wait until our state is over 60%. We’ve already hit 30% with one shot! 😎

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  16. At my age, I plan to wait on Jesus. He said to me, the day I received Him as my savior, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” That was 49 years ago, and He never has left me….I have never had the flu, never had pneumonia, a cold once, never had a flu shot, I have alway trusted Father to take care of me and He always has. Praise His Holy Name! I go and come as I want too in my hometown. Never worry about anything, because I believe He is more than able to take care of this creation of His.


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