Backyard Bobcats for Wild Wednesday!

Bobcat on a deck

The first time I saw a bobcat in my yard, it had been captured in a photo by a man, who resurfaced the floors. A pair of juveniles frequently used our deck as a shortcut to the backyard.

Bobcat on a deck

Since then, I’ve spotted a behemoth mountain lion but have rarely seen bobcats during the day. My Arlo security camera, used as a critter cam, recorded this amazing bobcat a couple of years ago.

Bobcat in the backyard

According to experts, they are more active at dawn and dusk. It’s not unusual for them to be on the move during daylight hours. Most of my recordings take place at night.

When mom came for a visit, my family gathered for an early dinner. I took a few pictures. Luckily my camera sat at my elbow.

Mom, Courtney, Patty, Susie Lindau

— BECAUSE something moved outside the window.

Bolting from the table, I snapped away. We stayed indoors since most animals are skittish. It had no idea that we lurked while recording through the window.

The wildcat sauntered from the dry creek bed to the pond. The average bobcat has one-inch nails and teeth. Most weigh between twenty and thirty pounds, but this cat was humongous!

Bobcat through the window

The critter cam caught it close up and personal at the end of the recording.

Mom made the perfect comment — Click on the short video!

This occurred a day after the bobcat attack that trended on Twitter. It appears as if the bobcat was spooked and raced across the street to hide under the car. It might have felt cornered. The bobcat had rabies and was put down.

If you haven’t seen this, it’s worth a look! FYI – The man drops an f-bomb.

An attack like this is rare. That said, now I have a healthy respect for these animals and will be on the lookout during den season — April until the end of May. Yikes!

In the last month or so, I’ve spotted another bobcat of equal size that has a tail that curves upward. I presume it’s the male with the jaunty wag.

I LOVE the wildlife in my backyard — as long as the female doesn’t drop a litter near my house. I don’t want to surprise a queen and her cub under my car. LOL!

Here’s a website with bobcat facts.

Bobcats are common throughout the US. Have you ever seen one?

40 thoughts on “Backyard Bobcats for Wild Wednesday!

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  1. Your yard cats are definitely of the larger variety!
    Did you see the one in the back yard with the little girl ( who gave it the stink eye until it left) in Castle Rock? The snow must have them looking for food in lower elevations? (Although people are always surprised how adaptable wild animals are…we have coyotes living downtown and those plus foxes on golf courses.)
    The snow is so beautiful, but sure you guys are ready for it to exit for more wild flower warm days.
    Love the table cloth and the company pictures! Enjoy it all!


    1. Thank you, Phil!
      No, I missed that video, but cats seem to be plentiful now. The rabbit population is very low. So many predators live here! It will cycle back in a few years and rabbits will make a comeback.


  2. I have a healthy respect for all wildlife, especially the wild kitties. OMG – that couple – what a fright! We recently checked out a new park and first sighting of wildlife was a bobcat (luckily we were in the car). That place was a little wild – there was wild pig activity too – not want to come up on a sow with babies. We opened the front door the other day and had a snake just coiled up enjoying the sun. Constantly looking out before opening doors, checking under vehicles before getting in, etc. down here. You have quite the wildlife too and have to be careful for yourself as well as your pup. Wildness and the Wild Rider 🙂 Happy Day – Enjoy!


    1. Thanks, Renee!

      The doggie door has been permanently shut. Too many predators for Roxy’s comfort. I’ve found snakes in the house too, but Florida must be a haven for all kinds of wild!!

      Happy Hump Day!


      1. Good idea with the doggie door. Wildlife carries diseases too. I would say we urban live and the wildlife is abundant as well as varied (i.e., coyotes, birds of prey, gators, snakes, otters, possums, etc.). People let their cats roam too, which becomes hunt or hunted.


  3. Wow, Susie, you taught you taw a puddycat, and you were right! Those things are impressive. We supposedly have them here at the state park which is only a few miles away but they are very elusive. I’ve never seen one as many times as I’ve been there.


  4. Your photos and video are a bit too close for comfort. And the last video!! Holy shit! We have a critter cam and it’s caught a bobcat a few times. But they’re not terribly common. We seem to have a balance of larger animals led by deer, then coyotes. Very, very rarely we’ve seen bears and a cougar. Life in the country! I’ll have to check what time of day the bobcat walked through.


    1. The bobcat in the video had rabies, which explains everything! I’ll still be careful during the next few months in case she takes her litter for a walk. 😎
      Or balance here has really shifted with the prevalence of wildcats. Populations of animals ebb and flow, except for prairie dogs. Always loads of them around here!
      Enjoy your backyard wildlife and your critter cam, Susan! This time of year, you never know what it might capture. 😎

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Great photos, didn’t realise that bobcats were quite so brave. That guy in the video was so brave wasn’t he? Throwing it across the grass like that! Wow.


  6. Wow! About the wildest thing around these parts is a fox that trots around at night. But, the moment it sees a human, it runs like hell back into the woods…lol


    1. That’s how they stay alive! The foxes in our neighborhood have always hung out in the lower part of the hill. This year, it’s animal party time at the Lindau’s! The whole menagerie has been caught on the critter cam. Although I’m still waiting for a moose to wander by. 😎

      Liked by 1 person

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