Solving The Ripper Outdoor Mystery with CluedUpp!

Since I enjoyed the challenge and excitement of an Escape Room, I jumped at the opportunity to play an outdoor detective adventure game. The Ripper GPS mystery by Cluedupp Games would come to Boulder, Colorado, on May 1st. My expectations were as clear as the fog on my magnifying glass.

The night before the event, it occurred to me to read the details in the confirmation email. We needed a team name. #TheRipper and #Cluedupp hashtags on Instagram revealed all kinds of fun names and participants dressed to impress.

After tossing and turning while putting together outfits in my dreams, I sat up, pointed upward, and said, “Aha! We’ll be The Sherlock Gnomes.”

CluedUpp The Ripper with the Sherlock Gnomes

The weather more than cooperated when it delivered blue skies for the determined Gnome investigators. We started out with serious determination.

Our mission? To solve The Ripper case by determining the ruthless serial killer and the murder weapon. With The Sherlock Gnomes on the beat, The Ripper wouldn’t be free for long.

CluedUpp Mystery The Sherlock Gnomes

Our daughter, Courtney, read clues on The Cluedupp app and directed us to various locations.

I took copious notes. Except for the scribbles made when having a picture taken, I kept track of the suspects and witnesses. Really!

Danny studied the fine print.

When facing tremendous odds, comic relief aided in searching for clues.

Gnomes on the case

The Gnome gumshoes plodded all over downtown Boulder. When we stepped into a GPS location โ€” one of many bubbles on the map โ€” text would appear on the phone’s screen. The interview with suspects and witnesses always started with a riddle. We solved all of them. *rubs knuckles on vest*

While crime-solving all over Boulder, we met some Pet Detectives.

The Pet Detectives

And another team of Sherlock enthusiasts โ€” The No Shit Sherlocks.

The No Shit Sherlocks

Using stupendous sleuthing skills, The Sherlock Gnomes unmasked the killer and solved the case. Woohoo!

We celebrated by cooling our heels at the local Mexican restaurant, The Rio.

The Sherlock Gnomes at The Rio

Would I do it again? But of course! It was elementary, Dear Watsons.

The Sherlock Gnomes crack the case CluedUpp

We won a prize for best costumes! We haven’t received it yet. What do you suppose it might be? Put on your detective hats!

Check out CluedUpp for their next mystery!

30 thoughts on “Solving The Ripper Outdoor Mystery with CluedUpp!

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  1. Congratulations for the richly deserved recognition, Sherlock Gnomes! It was like childhood revisited. I wish for the best to all of you by way of prize!


  2. You do have fun! I love that you and your family keep your sense of humour and find things to do together no matter what. I am looking forward to the day we can see family and friends and eat in a restaurant again. We are still in lockdown here.


    1. Thank you, Michelle!
      I canโ€™t wait until you get vaccinated. Itโ€™s a life changer and just around the corner for you! Is Canada allowing the Johnson and Johnson? People would only need one dose. Weโ€™ll most likely need boosters anyway. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿคž

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