The Blooming Spring Season in Photos

After the dead of winter — a season I cherish for many reasons — new life appears in fragile tendrils of verdant growth. Spring is my favorite season with trees bursting with flowers, but all it takes is a sweeping storm and plummeting temperatures to freeze those tender buds. When a May snowstorm ravaged our area with a few inches of snow on Monday, I worried that it would ruin everything.

This poor-quality gif was made with my iPhone at the very start of the storm.

May snowstorm gif

I woke up in the middle of the night to shake off the trees. 3:30 AM. Yep, I’m into it. Somehow the night became warmer, and most of the snow melted from the limbs.

Several days have passed. So far, so good. Yesterday, I cupped apple blossoms in my hands and took in the aromatic fragrance lingering in the air. The fruit trees might make it after all.

It has been years since we had an apple harvest. Frost in April often nips the buds. This year, snowstorms kept the trees from budding, and they waited patiently for warmer temperatures. They aren’t always that smart.

Have you ever been so enraptured by nature’s beauty, you want it to last the whole season? I’ve always found the momentary flush of flowers so frustrating, so I’m embracing the season while it lasts.

Whenever I get the chance, I walk in the yard and inhale the sweet scent perfuming the air. Then I go inside and sneeze for a half hour. It’s the price I pay.

This tree has lost its bark on one side from winter burn when it was a sapling. A landscaper recommended removing the tree. No way. Instead, I sit under its spreading limbs. It’s one of my favorites.

Prairifire Flowering crab

I can see the Prairifire crabapple through my kitchen window while sunlight plays with its vibrant color.

Flowering crabapple

It’s a great start to my favorite season — summer!

What’s your favorite season? I’ve never been able to choose one. Are you allergic to trees?

44 thoughts on “The Blooming Spring Season in Photos

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  1. What a beautiful tree! I think my favorite season is fall. Growing up in New England, summer all to often meant hot and humid, and I couldn’t handle the heat. Once September rolled around, the humidity would begin to pass and cooler temps with crisp clear skies were my favorite. Although, spring and summer here in the PNW are wonderful.


  2. Every season is your favorite season because you live in an area that has 4 distinct seasons, each one unique and glorious by its own right. Thanks for sharing the photos. I can smell the perfumed air. We have jasmine blooming here and the air is heady with sweetness every time I go out on to the porch. It’s almost like the Earth is tired of this pandemic lock down as well and is showing up all the pent up beauty it’s been holding in.

    Have a wonderful spring! I look forward to seeing your hiking and camping posts now.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  3. Beautiful trees! Summer was always my favorite season in NE Ohio (we didn’t usually get much of a spring). But our spring here in MD is lovely this year–still in the high 60s/low70s. Some years we’re already consistently hot by now, so I’m loving it!


  4. Yes, I’m enthralled by spring as well. I’m surprised to see these trees blooming in Boulder, but I remember how many people plant things from where they lived before. Enjoy the rapture! 🌼


  5. I love spring for all its rebirth but fall remains my favourite time of year. I am glad you didn’t succumb to the landscapers suggestion of taking down your beautiful tree. It may be slightly flawed but it is magnificent 💕


  6. The crabapple seems quite healthy–that seems excessive to take it down. I’m with you–keep it until it begins looking poorly or starts decaying. Nice shots, Susie!


  7. I love spring because of the beauty, however brief it is. The flowering trees and shrubs are breathtaking. But I also love it because of the anticipation it holds. The promises of warmth and carefree days just around the corner. 🌷🌸♥️


  8. Lovely pictures. They reminded me of Kyoto in the spring. Now that I live near the seaside in the north of Scotland I don’t see many cherry trees blooming – My neighbour had a cherry tree, but he chopped it down last year to create a parking lot.
    For me trees have a soul and should never be felled unless they had a disease.
    Thanks for your pictures,


  9. Incredible photos Suzie, really impressive. Think my favourite season is Autumn as I prefer the cooler days and it feels like a long slow lead up to Christmas which is great.


  10. Hey Wild Rider just checking in on you to see how you’re doing. That scenery looks great though. Seasons be looking good in Colorado. How’s summer treating you? The beach is my fun time and we can usually go year round. I dig all the colors blooming. Sending you good vibes!


    1. Hey Guat! Great to see you.
      I reverted my blog from business almost two weeks ago, and it imploded – Missing photos and links that go to temp files. GAH! Needless to say, I haven’t blogged.

      We visited Kelly in LA for the first time in almost two years. (He has been coming to Colorado.) We spent our time working on his landscape and eating out! In mid-May, businesses were starting to open up, and it was pretty cool outdoors.
      We’ll have to meet up next time!

      I’ve been trying to get my knees back in shape. Cancer drugs took their toll, so I’m signed up for three weeks of shots. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      I’m glad you are spending time at the beach. The ocean is the BEST!! How is the writing coming along? I bet your kids are getting big!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh dude! Imploded. I’m so sorry that sounds super frustrating! I hope you were able to recover some stuff. Landscape that sounds like a serious project. I’m trying with the small piece I have here but it’s like the Mojave desert and everything wilts. I may need pots. Ha! But I’m glad you were able to come out and hang with your son. Yup the kids are growing!I’m sorry about your knees. That’s tough. I send you good vibes for a speedy and successful rehabilitation process 🙂


        1. Thank you! I’ll take your positive vibes and focus on them today.

          Pots and gravel!! Kelly has a sprinkler system but has to hand spray the sod too. The key is planting trees for shade, but he’s renting and doing the minimum until his lease is up. ☀️ 😎 Wish we had a beach like yours here. We might hit 100 degrees today!


  11. Like the Guat – I am checking in to see how you are doing . It’s summer break and I have more time to write, read, and explore. The weather here in the midwest is warm, sunny, and dry. Hope you are well and enjoying the Wild Ride Life. Peace.


    1. Thanks, Clay!! That means a lot. I reverted my blog from business to Premium and it blew a gasket two weeks ago. I hope to blog again soon!

      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your summer, especially after Covid! It’s been so nice to see people again.

      Colorado has been getting July weather for two weeks now! A record-breaking start to the summer. At least it’s always cool at night.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I just read your comment on Jan’s blog and have to admit that I was wondering what had happened to you. Sorry to learn about your WP woes, but not surprised either. Just thought I’d stop by to let you know I’ve been thinking about you.


    1. That’s so nice, Ally! You made my day! ❤️ It’s been so frustrating. I went to California in May and planned to blog about it when my site blew up! My laptop crashed and activated a plug-in changing the architecture of my site. Gah!
      I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

      Liked by 1 person

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