My Life-Changing Reiki Experience

It’s been a long time since I’ve woken up super stoked and energized. It’s still early in the day, and I’m on fire! All it took was an hour and fifteen minutes of my life in a Reiki session at the end of May. Not bad for a life-changer.

Before Reiki:

I’ve been told by many people that I’m not grounded. My energy rides several feet above the Earth. What does that mean? I have to focus on relaxing to get that heavy feeling through my feet, and it only lasts as long as I think about it. Weird for you, normal for me.

For years, I woke up with a stress ball in my solar plexus — all tight and tangled. It first appeared with anti-estrogen drugs — what my cancer ate — first tamoxifen, then anastrozole. I hit eight years cancer-free at the end of May and have been off the drugs for three years but needed to dislodge the lingering effects. I mean, enough is enough, right? Although the pit in my stomach wouldn’t always show up, my enthusiasm lagged.

Hot sunset in Colorado

What the heck is Reiki?

Reiki uses a combination of mind-body energy healing. A practitioner transfers the energy from their palms to encourage emotional and physical healing. Does that sound woowoo enough for you? At this point in my life, I don’t poop on anything.

My daughter, Courtney, loved her Reiki experience. She suggested that I give it a try.

First, I tried a long-distance Reiki session. While I meditated at home, a practitioner I found through Yelp, Heather Tsai, tried to project energy from miles away. Yeah, that didn’t work for me at all. When she sent a follow-up text and an offer to make a house call, I jumped at the opportunity — lots of energy in that jump — a good sign.

A few days before my appointment, I met with my orthopedic surgeon. I haven’t fully recovered from a partial knee replacement from a ski accident. Guess what? I have osteoarthritis. Does it ever end? It’s most likely from the anastrozole. GAH! Now I really looked forward to Reiki.

My Reiki experience:

On the day of my reiki appointment, I had no idea what to expect. When the petite young woman arrived, her self-assuredness put me at ease. Heather asked me about myself. As I went through my litany, including issues with my knees, I scurried around the house to find my cell phone and shut it off but couldn’t find it anywhere. Oh, well. My other concern was my Bichon, Roxy. She’s twelve now, so I hoped she would sleep through the session.

I gave up my quest and sat in a wingback chair across from Heather. Although I can block thoughts out, she suggested letting them come and go. She stood behind me and placed her hands very gently across the sides of my head.

As I relaxed in the chair and closed my eyes, I obsessed about my stupid cell phone. Where could I have set it down? I didn’t want it to ring but couldn’t do anything about it now. I let the thought go with a breath, then wondered how she wanted to be paid. I didn’t have any cash but figured Heather would take a check.

Ready for a Reiki session

That’s when it happened.

Without warning, any lump in the throat, or sad thoughts whatsoever, tears ran down my cheeks, surprising me. What the hell? I took a couple of deep breaths, but they continued to stream. I couldn’t figure it out. I shifted my awareness to Roxy, who repositioned on the coach, a robin pissed at another animal close to its nest, and my breath. Nothing remotely depressing crossed my mind.

About ten minutes later, when Heather moved her hands to the area below my throat, the tears stopped. After another fifteen minutes or so, she lightly placed her hands on my solar plexus, but that didn’t have any profound reaction either. Then she moved to my knees, and her hands became really warm.

The freaky part:

Then she grasped each ankle, and I felt as if I tipped backward on a roller coaster. It made me nauseous. I took deep breaths to calm myself. After several minutes, the nausea went away, but my feet tingled.

When she let go, I could feel the air around me being waved away from my body. Later, Heather told me it was a turkey feather she found in Costa Rica. And just like that, the hour and fifteen minutes were over. I wrote her a check, and she left.

After Reiki:

I didn’t feel extraordinarily changed and went back to writing. At 3:00, I quit to run errands. That’s when things got interesting.

First, I made a U-turn and left plenty of room for the oncoming traffic but got flipped off by a guy speeding ahead of the pack. Normally that would have provoked me. Instead, I smiled and waved. Then I ran into an old tennis friend at a garden center and called her the wrong name. I would have been mortified, but we laughed it off. I ran into a few more acquaintances over the weekend and was totally chill. Usually, my borderline ADHD mind would go into overdrive.

I told Courtney about my crying experience. Her healer said that tears are a release. There are many different ways that people release their pain during a session.

The most interesting part? I’m relaxed. My feet feel the weight of my body and my stress ball disappeared. Yes!

The next day, I went to a landscape center to pick out three cockspur hawthorns. While under the canopy, I examined the branches to choose the best ones.

Usually, trees with a one-and-a-half-inch caliper are still in containers. In this particular area, they had been buried. Two had been sold, leaving gaping holes.

My heel caught the edge as I stepped into the tree hole toe first. I felt my whole foot roll with stabbing pains below my ankle.

By the time I arrived home, I couldn’t put any weight on it. It’s been one thing after another. I need a break but not literally, please!

I headed to urgent care. By that time, discoloration and swelling had begun. After x-rays and an examination by a physician’s assistant, she told me that it wasn’t broken but a really bad sprain. I would have to stay off it for a few weeks.


Deflated about the prognosis, I went to bed super bummed out. I had planned to return to the gym the next morning. I had looked forward to it. I had perennials to plant and wanted to get back on my bike and hike over the weekend. So frustrating.

When I woke up, I felt exhilarated, enthusiastic, excited for the day. Forgetting about my ankle, I stepped out of bed. There was no pain. NONE! Then, I ran downstairs. Ran. I took a better look at it. My ankle was swollen and black and blue and red and purple, but I had the full range of motion. What? What? What? I went to a barre class and was able to do EVERYTHING.

When I told Courtney about my experience, she said, “I think the Reiki worked, and your body is finally open to heal itself.” Wow. Or I got lucky, and the broken blood vessels indicated a bad bruise. Who knows? Either way, it was pretty painless for how ugly it was.

It’s been two months since my Reiki session and my high energy has prevailed. The stress ball has loosened. I still feel grounded and more relaxed — a decent outcome for seventy-five minutes of my time.

By the way, the view is just fine from down here on terra firma. You should see my list of things to do!

Here’s Heather Tsai’s website – Pure Reiki SessionsThis is a totally honest blog post. I’m not getting paid for this.

Have you heard about Reiki? Would you try it?

My Life-Changing Reiki Experience

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  1. This is the first time I have gotten a link in a long time and I figure it went to spam or it was because of the Reiki. The long distance thing does not work for me either.. this is great to ankle me with my glitter cane, oh what a pair we are.
    Love ya


    1. Hey Linda! It’s been a long time.
      I’m so glad you got the link. I’m sure the Reiki healed it — all that positive energy wafting through my fingers. 😍 If you haven’t tried it, I would since it can’t hurt!
      Love you too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi!
    I am pleased and not surprised that Reiki had such a positive effect.

    I began the coursework for Reiki in about 2008 while living in New Mexico. It has been a life-changing experience and a joy to be able to help others assist their bodies with their own healing.

    Basically, all those who work with healing energies are conduits and that energy goes wherever it is needed in the body. Everyone’s experience is different.

    I am happy for you!


    1. Thank you so much!
      Wow! I didn’t know you were a practitioner, Ellen. That is so cool! I would like to learn more about it, so I can amplify healing.
      Do you have any crazy experiences to share?


  3. I have heard of Reiki but I’m afraid I was “woowoo” shy about trying it. A few years ago it seemed like it was some kind of “fad” and everyone I talked to was taking Reiki classes including my sister. Who swore by it. Don’t get me wrong. I love my sister but she has been a lot woowoo for a long time. Although she was actually a trained nurse she is the one who talked me into wrapping myself in plastic to get rid of toxins and inches. She has also talked me into trying edibles (chocolate cannabis) that had me thinking I was going to die. Did I mention when I was little she use to make up stories that terrified me about her being from another planet and that at night she has to turn her greeniator on to recharge. I would lay awake and watch her all night. I could go on but you get the idea…she really is from another world. So hearing about it from you like this may actually consider trying it.


    1. Hey Michelle!
      LOLOLOLOLOL! I’m still laughing out loud. Your sister has an active imagination and should be a fantasy writer!
      Keep in mind that I had very low expectations after the long-distance session, so my experience wasn’t imagined. It really surprised me! My Reiki session was back on May 28th and I’m still feeling good. The most important change is not waking up every dang day to that stress ball of anxiety for no reason. If you try it, let me know how it goes for you!

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  4. I am all for caring for my whole being for health and wellness. I truly believe there is something out there for everyone to connect to. I recently took a “me” day and I so needed it and even took it into the weekend with me. We are so “on” all the time that we just need to unplug/unconnect and just be. I was thinking recently that I would love a swing to just swing for a bit. Sometimes I get in the rocker and just rock while watching a half-hour show. It is like a self soother or something to that degree to relax and check out for a bit. Wishing you the best – take care my friend 🙂 Enjoy your day!


    1. I love your idea of a rocker! I’m all about self-soothing and have been spending time outside every morning. There are zillions of birds flying around today! I unplugged in June when my blog was messed up but took off another three weeks. I think it’s important to take some time away to gain new perspective and let new ideas pop into my cranium. 😁 you never know where they might come from!


  5. I’m sitting here chuckling and smiling because I was Reiki attuned a decade ago and became Reiki II attuned six months later. I never went further to Reiki Master status, but actually see a Reiki practitioner regularly these days who is helping me heal my way through what’s proving to be a very difficult Kundalini awakening. I’m so thrilled she helped clear things in your body that were preventing your natural healing abilities. Reiki is a beautiful healing modality. A premise of healers is that our bodies know how to heal themselves naturally and the healer channels what’s sometimes called Universal Life force “healing” energy through themselves and to and through a person. If you sing the note of a tuning fork back to it, the metal will begin to vibrate and ring out unless you dampen the vibrations by touching it. When a healer focuses healing energy and sends it to and through another person, the body and mind begin to resonate more with it, and any blocks to health and well-being get loosened up and can be released. Like letting go of whatever was dampening the tuning fork so it can ring out again. Exactly what happens is the dance between practitioner and client. Even though you say you didn’t notice anything with the distant session, it’s very likely it impacted your in-person session – making it more powerful. Congratulations on having such great results!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Susan!
      I love your analogy to the tuning fork. That’s exactly what it is like. I bet you are right about what I thought was a failed session too. I suspect that it opened me up to a more intense session. Well, it worked! I thought of you when I scheduled it since I had read about some of your experiences. It’s logical to believe that energy is the key to healing since we are literally surrounded by it, and yet, so many people only believe in western science. I’m a very open-minded person so to the Universe I say, “Bring it on!”
      Thank you so much and good luck with your continuing journey!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not only are we surrounded by energy, but science currently proves that we are quite literally energy! So glad my initial plans of going to med school way back when didn’t pan out. 😉


  6. Susie – our bodies are amazing and are a capable of healing beyond modern medicine of drugs and surgery. Your experience sounds amazing. Keep moving with your wild ride and making your days count. Peace.


  7. Fascinating Susie. Got a couple of close friends who swear by Reiki so knew what it was all about. It really does seem to change some peoples lives, so pleased it helped you and brought you down to ground level.


  8. I’ve had some reiki but only on specific parts, not the whole body. Patty has far done more than I. When she cried the healer told her it was a breakup of packed soil in the soul (like that ball in the pit of your stomach I imagine.) The crying is the soil loosening and being swept away. Fascinating stuff.

    One more suggestion. Quit falling and breaking stuff!


      1. It might have, but I was doing some other rehab methods as well so it got muddled together. I do think it has merit however. We’re all connected cosmically so it stands to reason that energy force could easily be shared.


  9. I’m glad you discovered Reiki. I trained in it years ago! You might enjoy taking the classes and becoming attuned yourself. You have the *right attitude* which is a big part of Reiki.

    [I haven’t been getting your posts– and recently realized it. I’m catching up, sorry so late with this comment.]


      1. I use We had a thunderstorm earlier in the summer and our electricity went out during it. I think I accidentally deleted you when I jumped during the storm.

        As for taking Reiki classes, if you get the chance they’re fascinating, inspiring, and give you a great way to understand yourself and the people around you.


      1. I am doing well, all things considered. Early retirement agrees with me! 🙂 Learning the violin and working my new WIP—which has finally gotten over 83K words, woo-HOO!—and just enjoying life as well as anyone can these days, while hoping that the world finds its new balance and trying to contribute to that new balance the best I can in my everyday actions and thoughts, speaking of Reiki.Oh, and I quit a certain writer’s org, BTW,if you haven’t heard…but let’s not get into that here…..

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  10. Susie,

    Thank you for having me at your inviting & inimitable home and for allowing me the opportunity to share with you the love we most deeply are. Reiki is a gift and you would be a most excellent practitioner of the art. My heart is warmed to read that you feel the sustained effects of our session because ultimately Reiki is a state of being 😉

    Congratulations and thank you for you

    PS wow, you remembered the turkey 🦃 feather!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Heather!

      It was such an amazing experience. I’m still feeling more at ease and grounded. The anxiety upon waking up has disappeared too! I would love to learn more about it. ❤️

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