Golden October in Crested Butte

I walked among the quaking aspens in Crested Butte, Colorado, where leaves whispered around me.

At 9,000 feet, the aspens in the Crested Butte area had just hit their grandest golds.

My daughter Courtney’s dog, Lady, scouted around for trespassers — deer, squirrels, and notorious chipmunks — and found a vantage point. She played lookout for a while.

Although Colorado’s indigenous trees are usually limited to golden hues, the aspens grow plentiful in higher elevations and contrast with the blue sky vistas. Their unique trunks sway in the wind.

The mountain peeks seen between the aspens in Crested Butte

Leaves flitted and fluttered over my head in a graceful ballet.

Click for the dancing leaves! It’s pretty spectacular.

All at once, a violent wind interrupted the peaceful glade and stomped around in bluster. It shook the trees and shouted in an angry blast that swept the leaves into the air. They showered down like rain.

Click to see this tremulous leaf storm while Nat King Cole serenades.

As quickly as the wind burst arrived, it coughed and spluttered, then slammed the door, its damage done, the branches all stripped bare. Other nearby aspens sighed in relief, their leaves intact to quake for another day.

Down in Boulder County’s lower elevation, the leaves are beginning to shrug off their coats of verdant green. The heads and shoulders of these wildly varied trees reveal tinges of reds and russets, vibrant oranges, and golds.

It’s time for another walk.

Do you love autumn — the colors and the scent of falling leaves? What do you like best about the season?

35 thoughts on “Golden October in Crested Butte

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    1. It is, and we have the advantage of stretching out the fall color by traveling to different elevations. I’ll find out if there’s any gold in them thar hills when I travel to Breck today!
      Thanks, John!

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  1. I’ve always loved those trees with white bark, and if these aspens sound anything like the black cottonwoods of Montana, the sound of the leaves in the wind is just beautiful (I couldn’t open the video).


  2. Lovely videos! I miss the crisp, vibrant autumns in New England where I grew up. The San Francisco Bay area where I am now experiences very subtle changes during fall. Although my east coast friends have relayed, with sadness, that this fall is a pale shadow of its usual self, with trees faded and tired from drought and unusual weather patterns. Sigh.


  3. Wow! That is a lot of gold. Autumn is my favourite time of year. Every morning is a different colour festival to feast my eyes on. Long drives through country scenes are my favourite past time. It always strikes me like a knife the morning I wake up and all the trees are barren. It seems so sudden. Your video of the leaves disappearing right before your eyes explains everything 😉

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    1. Hey Michelle! I know exactly what you mean. Down in Boulder, there hasn’t been a breath of wind. Some leaves are barely clinging to branches. One gust and they’ll flutter away! I’m enjoying it while it lasts! ❤️

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  4. How beautiful, Susie. Year ago (more like decades ago) I used to backpack in CO. The aspen forests were stunning. I love those fluttering leaves and the forests of white bark. A lovely, golden post for autumn.


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