The Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championship!

The 2022 Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championship drew sculpting teams from the United States, Ecuador, Mexico, and Germany. Each team hand-carved a temporary work of art from a twelve-foot, twenty-five-ton block of snow. They were judged by theme, style, and technique.

Lights bathed the snow sculptures in changing color, adding another dimension. I took as many pictures as I could before my fingers froze.

The entrance to the Snow Sculpture Competition in Breckenridge with sculpted trees and Toyota emblem while people look on

The only thing missing from Roll Over Beartoven created by Team Wisconsin was the music. Love the beehive!

Snow sculpture of a bear playing the piano

Another team from Wisconsin won third place for Bee Sustainability. Go Wisconsin! I grew up in Madison and caught bees one summer, assuming they would produce honey — in a jar.

An organic snow sculpture of flowers leaves and a bee

Team Germany nailed it with their second-place entry, Float.

Snow sculpture of five stacked rectangular cubes

Team New York created Colossal Resurrection.

A Wooly Mammoth snow sculpture

Team Mexico won the People’s Choice. So funny and ironic. See the snowy toilet paper rolls?

A child wears a crown and sits on the toilet sculpted in snow from Team Mexico

This is only half of the entries.

Stay tuned for the first-place winner and the rest of the competitors in Part Two. They are spectacular!

Have you ever seen snow sculptures? Ice sculptures? Ice castles? Are you ready for six more weeks of winter? I am!

For more upcoming events check out, Go Breck!

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22 thoughts on “The Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championship!

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  1. “Roll Over Beartoven” – I wonder if the clever name came first and they had to create a sculpture that matched the wordplay.

    I feel like Germany ran out of time. The other entries look so intricate and detailed in comparison.


  2. I am always amazed at the absolute talent of the artists who design & carve snow & ice sculptures. Prior to Covid, every year in Ottawa, they hosted Winterlude which includes a plethora of winter activities including ice sculptures & snow sculptures. We visited a number of times & the sculptures were definitely a highlight…absolutely stunning!


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