An Inspiring Western Road Trip in Photos!

Has a vacation ever restored your creative energy? Sometimes all you need is a change of routine, new scenery, and to be surrounded by your people. I found all kinds of inspiration during a recent western road trip.

When my son, Kelly, and his fiancé, Leksy, invited my husband, Danny, and me to their engagement party, we decided not to fly. Instead, we studied a map, packed the car, and road-tripped from Boulder County to Laguna Beach. We took the scenic route.

First, we stopped in Sedona, Arizona to visit Danny’s sister and brother-in-law. Imagine the waterways that drifted through the area and carved up the sandstone. Wow!

After two wonderful nights, we hit the road again. I had hoped to see some saguaros along the road to Laguna. We saw hundreds of them. They are massive. OUCH!

Once we arrived at Laguna beach, we hit the beach, of course. There’s nothing quite like the sound of crashing waves to soothe the soul.

So many warm and friendly people attended the engagement party.

I had convinced myself that I was an introvert since I am always wiped out after socializing. But I’m still riding the high-energy wave, and it was weeks ago! The difference is remarkable when you surround yourself with those who make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

After a fabulous celebration, we made our way north.

Food on the West Coast usually lives up to expectations, but hummus and chips never look like this. Eating at the Malibu Farm Café on the Malibu Pier is always a treat.

snacks on the Malibu Pier

After a quick trip, it was time to rev up the engine again.

Santa Monica Sunset with silhouetted palm trees

We decided to drive to The Grand Canyon on the way home. We didn’t have time to hike, but the views caught my breath, and the breeze almost stole my hat.

I had fun with a video on Instagram. THOSE ROCKS! Turn up the sound and check out the VIEWS! 🤣

We entered a land of strange rock formations that randomly dotted the landscape. This picture was taken through the window.

We even passed a fake arch! Pretty good for a driveby shot. The real arch in Arches National Park wasn’t visible from the road in Moab, but the line of cars driving to it was very real.

Another six hours and we arrived home. Whew!

Moab is only six hours from Boulder County. I would like to head back this summer to recharge my creative battery. I bet I can find more of my people there.

Do you have any planned vacations? Any road trips? Have you been to The Grand Canyon or Sedona?

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27 thoughts on “An Inspiring Western Road Trip in Photos!

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  1. Hi Susie,

    What a fantastic trip!
    Laguna is beautiful and the ocean never disappoints.♥️

    We lived in the Phoenix area for seven years, and had an enormous seguaro in our backyard. I’m glad you too a pic with perspective. They can be massive.



    1. Hey Ellen! Great to see you.

      I’ve never been to Arizona, so it was a real treat for me. I’ll have to hit Phoenix next time.
      Those Cacti are amazing! I would love to see them when they bloom.
      Thank you!


  2. I most definitely have been to see “those rocks,” several times. My favorite state is Arizona. I’d visit there at least once a year if I could. I LOVE the entire southwest.

    Thanks for sharing the fun video. I listened to it twice.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  3. Great photos! I have seen all these sites before. I live in Phoenix and have a couple huge saguaro in my front yard. They are incredible when they bloom in the spring.

    I agree with you, I am an introvert but it makes a huge difference when you find the people who help you feel comfortable in your own skin.


    1. I bet the cacti are extraordinary when in bloom. You live in a gorgeous part of the country.

      Now that I think about it, that’s probably true for everyone! 💜


  4. How exciting! Congratulations. Great photos. Our son was married the last Saturday in May. It was a wonderful weekend to celebrate family. Like you, I find myself exhausted after a weekend of connecting and reconnecting with family and friends. I have amazing memories of the weekend and I owe my step-mom some photos. As for summer trips, I’ll be going back and forth to the lake a few more times before school restarts in August, but I have solo baseball trip planned for the last week in June – 7 cities, 7 ballparks, 7 games, and 10 teams. I am excited and a little nervous. It’s gonna be a great day. Peace.


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