International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado

Every year, Breckenridge, Colorado hosts the International Snow Sculpture Championships. Artists come from around the world to carve magnificent creations from twelve-foot blocks of snow that weigh a mere twenty-five tons.

When I stopped to take some pictures, the light was flat with a waning storm. Notice the snow upon Ullr’s horns, stache, and beard?

Team Breckenridge won 2nd place with Ullr, the Norse god of skiing.

2nd place snow sculpture entry Team Breckenridge of Ullr, the Norse god of skiing.

The projected spotlights at night brightened the monochromatic sculptures in dramatic ways.

Team Denmark with Harmony.

Team Vermont with Emergence - an organic snow sculpture resembles whipped cream.

I bet a few artists were pained by the snowy dusting. I wanted to sweep it away to see the face’s details.

Team Vermont with Emergence.

Team Vermont with Emergence, a snow sculpture of a man emerging from the ground.

Accumulation almost buried the tiny mushrooms below.

Team Wisconsin – Snowblind with Forest Jam won the People’s Choice Award.

Team Wisconsin Snowblind with their snow sculpture Forest Jam. A treelike being plays guitar.

I can’t imagine how the artists created perfect symmetry in this one.

Team Lithuania with Warn(m)ing Clouds Intersect won 3rd place and the Artist’s Choice Award.

Team Lithuania with Warming Clouds Intersect, Clouds are puzzled into a gazebo-like structure all made with snow.

The imperfections conveyed the difficulty of creating these monstrous works of art.

Achieving perfection seemed especially hard in the one below. The drawing depicted a thin ribbon. How did the team plan to accomplish that feat?

Team Wisconsin-Tomczak with The Complexities of Life.

I thought this one portrayed the title pretty dang well. The man is about to get munched.

Team India – Calisto with Burden of Socialization.

Team Switzerland with Allied.

I tried to capture these partying crocodiles in one frame. Oh, well.

Team Great Britain with See You Later Alligator. After While Crocodile.

This may not be your favorite, but it’s absolutely perfect in scale. Keep in mind that a few inches of snow fell on it.

The 1st place winner from Team Germany-Bavaria with Sub-Zero-Gravity.

One of these years, I plan to drive up earlier in the week to see the artists at work and then watch the demolition. Pow!

Which is your favorite?

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        1. Me too! The timestamp decided to post yesterday, so the WP Happiness Engineers worked with me all morning to fix the bugger. For a while the link from emails was broken. GAH! I set my time from Denver to UTC, so it doesn’t happen again.

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  1. Wow! I always love when you share these amazing sculptures. They’re all so cool, but my favorite has to be the Burden of Socialization. I love how the colored lights enhance them so incredibly. Gorgeous!


                  1. Thank you. It’s not that fun for us until NJ plays. That’s fun. The dinner was kind of funny. As folks introduced themselves to her they tried to buy her drinks. She never drinks when she’s working.

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                    1. Five dogs. It is a former dairy farm so once upon a time cows roamed here. 82 acres with a house, barn, two silos, a windmill, a shed. We built a new modern house, because NJ is tired of living in old places. We renovate the original house for long staying guests, like her mom.


  2. Thanks, Susie, for sharing this inspiring event. Happy you got to make the trek to Breckenridge. I have a friend who just got a job as a ski instructor there. As always appreciate your perspectives.


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