Welcome to the Wild Ride!

Oversharing and having no shame is a great combination for some wild stories. Whether I’m making a scene or being told to THINK BIG inside my head, I blog about my wild life no matter how absurd it gets in Boulder, Colorado.

Whether I’m skiing,

looking down Whales tail from top

mountain biking,

biking the boulder reservoir

or hiking in Colorado, I love exploring the wild outdoors.

trail to bridal veil falls Telluride, CO

My husband, Danny, thinks he’s the butt of my jokes and he’s right, especially when karma kicks mine.

gapers cheat summer

Don’t worry. I laugh at myself too. I have an ridiculous sense of humor and have a tendency to go for it whether I’m heli-skiing in Canada or finding my badass self after knee surgery.

I graduated with a BS in Art, but found my true passion in writing. Now I paint scenes with words.

self portrait with self 2

Sometimes I illustrate my posts like this one after NaNoWriMo.

kids fighting illustration

I’ve also been known to take an icy plunge with polar bears and pick up random strangers to ski.

polar plunge

I am a breast cancer survivor and wrote humorous Boob Reports to chronicle my ridiculous journey to being cancer-free after double boobectomies. Boobs are pretty funny. I’m considering nipple tattoos for my bionic boobs. Someday, The Boob Report will transform from blog to book.

Heck yes, these boobs are fake t-shirt

My debut novel is a psychological thriller about a mysterious secret buried deep in the bowels of an old estate in the South of France. The ghostly apparitions and premonitions in my story are based on some of my own experiences. I know! Everything that happened to me at the Stanley Hotel is true.

I collaborated on an award-winning screenplay called Off Leash/Jennifer’s Gift, with Erik Wolter. We are currently “shopping it.” I also wrote a funny magical realism. I’m a busy girl.

I can also be found dinking around on Facebook  and Twitter. Email me at susielindau@gmail.com, especially if you’re interested in my psychological thriller or would like to read a screenplay.

Follow my blog and join the Wild Riders. Yeee haaa!

skiing whale's tail

Come for the ride. Stay for adventure. It’s always a Wild Ride.

385 thoughts on “Welcome to the Wild Ride!

  1. Hi. You just followed me on Twitter, where I am a novice. But thanks.
    FYI, the fake rebuilds are called foobies. Mine are real as I only had cancer-lite. Many friends did not fare as well. Glad you have not been slowed down.


  2. You are the mother of craziness……:):)…..and in craziness you are the best……your about section truly brings out the creative you…….I have seen very few about pages as good as your’s………..well i am a music freak and currently struggling with selecting the right theme for my blog…….hoping soon i will get there….:):)


  3. Hey glad I found your blog, you’re an inspiration – well done on surviving this crazy world so far with what’s been thrown at you, but before I read about your boobs you got me on the skiing and mountain biking. I Snowboard, mountain bike, surf and love the outdoors and I am quite interested in paddle boarding…I’m a follower 🙂


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