Bosom Buddy Blogroll

These are my special bosom buddies who wrote amazing #Susie Strong posts for me on the day of my double mastectomy.  Every one of them is worth checking out! I am truly blessed.

Alarna Rose Gray

August McLaughlin

Brick House Chick – Swimming to my 50’s

Brown Road Chronicles

Byronic Man

Catherine Johnson

Cathy Ulrich – Large Self

Cayman Thorn

Christine Ashworth

David N. Walker

Gloria Richard



Jenny Hansen Author

Jess Witkins

Jots from a Small Apt

Julia B. Whitmore

Julie Glover

Kindred Spirit


Kristen Lamb

Linda Seccaspina

L. Palmer Chronicles

Lynn Kelley

Mae’s Day

Margaret Grant – Mag off Leash

Mary D. Pierce

Misteriopress – Kassandra Lamb

New Pillow Book

Nicci Carrera Romance

Our Life in 3D


Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Piper Bayard & Holmes

Roam About Mike

Renee Jacobson

She’s a Maineiac

Snarkoleptic – Stunted Adults

Tameri Etherton

Ted Strutz

The Hook

The Inner Wildcat

Visits to the Park – Bulldog

Viveka – My Guilty Pleasures

Words from Anneli

Zannyro – A Window into the Woods

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  1. Hi there susie, I’m just starting a little blog on my cancer diagnosis – with pictures and posts on different feelings, incisions and decisions. Feel free to use my links, and if i may..can i put a link to yours? I like positive links about cancer.


  2. I am so glad to hear you’re ok susie’ and I don’t even know you aside from your insanely fun blog. I guess I should get started upon my own blog. Your spirit abounds with life’ lady.

    -My dear wife has been cancer free now for 13 years. Also her employer Fired her as she would be an asset. They made another woman her manager and that women had just buried her teen daughter that died from cancer. She, my wife would not have been here if I had not stepped up and rode our doctor hard, she would dell him she had back pain, the woman was taking an insane dosage of Motrin and Ibprope, know how much my wife can endure of pain, and I know this was not something to be passive about. she survive by hours. a day more and there would have been nothing they could have done.

    -My late Step Uncle died of melanoma – not because he had melanoma – but because his doctor let the report set on his desk and left it go too long until he returned to it. At first testing it was treatable in first stages. But it was let go on the mans desk, in a left pile.

    -Devastated the entire family. He was one the kindest best Husband and father to his family, I had ever know, deserved not to be slipped through the cracks.

    -My Wife had ovarian, it was an encapsulated mass of a left behind fragment from a second stage /op- hysterectomy and within a day or two of rupturing at its removal, and yes it was that close. She had to undergo Chemo, I wouldn’t leave her side, when she lost her hair I shaved mine off and we had fun being bald together, she was lovable, (I guess I can say I find bald women sexy and atractive, what else is there but to fully enjoy life, even if its terminal, live it like it really means something to you and to all who know and love you, (Pain I live, I know pain, Lived it every day in varying degrees of physical pain daily sense an industrial accident in the summer of 1992. I am still here and pain does not own me, or the people that I love. If we give up, there will be many other children who will give up too.

    If I had not have demanded her pain levels were far too high and get on it and now, she would have died. If your intuition if god say get yourself in their now, listen to the inner voice(s). Thank you Susie for being who you are. and to all the other cancer survivors as well, thank you, and it’s good to know you’re here. 🙂


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