The Boob Report – Waiting for Release

Do you remember being grounded? You pressed your nose against the window and watched your neighborhood friends play. Time slowed. I’ve been out for seven months. My clock is full of spider webs and the windows need washing. Looking back, much of it’s a blur. I can’t believe it's November! I’m so far out of... Continue Reading →

Do You Love Boobies?

I had guest posted on the Outlier Collective about ads for Breast Cancer awareness, but the site is down. Check out my Boob Reports instead! Thanks for stopping by the Wild Ride!  

The Boob Report – Buns Up!

My boobs are fully bionic. This was the last surgery in the double mastectomy and reconstructive process. The swap was made by reopening my scars, deflating the expanders, rolling them up like cigars and slipping them out. The deflated expander's front and back, showing the blue magnetic area where saline is filled with a needle. ... Continue Reading →

The Boob Report III – Post-op

When life sends you obstacles, start hurdling! First of all words cannot, nor ever will express my deepest gratitude in the support you have given me the last few weeks. The blogging community is amazing and all of you are the absolute best! I can feel your prayers as I write this on the night... Continue Reading →

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