Spamming Aruba

Many of us dream of island sunsets and endless beaches. I have written a few photo essays about this kind of family vacation. One of them, Aruba, Natalie Holloway, Bad Hair and Photos, recently received a spike in views. Classmates reported Natalie missing ten years ago last weekend. I included a waiter's conspiracy theory in... Continue Reading →

Silhouette – Weekly Photo Challenge

Sunset in Aruba Original - Santa Barbara Pier Tweaked All images were photographed directly into the sunset resulting in a dramatic contrast of light and dark. Which is your favorite?  This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge - Silhouette.

An Amazing Aruba Vacation and Photos

An amazing family vacation in Aruba where we heard Natalee Holloway conspiracy theories, experienced lots of adventures, a day on a catamaran, and a few bad hair days. After landing in Aruba, humidity clung to my skin. A steady breeze provided by the prevailing trade winds kept me cool. Most people would recoil from the... Continue Reading →

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