A Mind-Blowing Experience!

Last week, my son, Kelly, called after he received a phone message relaying the results of his back x-rays. He broke his L-5 and pelvis snowboarding six years ago and he had experienced a flare-up.The doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories and recommended not lifting anything over twenty-five pounds.The radiologist said they found a deformity and he should... Continue Reading →

KO’d by Karma

As most people know, karma can be a rude evil witch that blindsides us when we least expect it. To me, karma is the reaction to our actions in the universe. Sometimes it is negative and causes the boomerang to hit us in the face. Recently, I found this to be a fact. I talked... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Mantra?

You must have a mantra, which is a self-affirmation that causes transformation. Hey! That rhymes. Anyway, I have used many of them through the years. I came up with some examples and why you need them to reach your goals I stole one from my college friend, Dean, who was dared to ride his bike down a... Continue Reading →

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