Twinkle, Illustration, and Elves

I'm ready for the next project on my long list. It's my absolute favorite. Can you guess? Nope. I'm not wrapping presents. I always leave that chore until the last minute. I'm not hanging the stockings. NOTE TO SELF: I need to buy sticky tack. I'm not writing my letter to Santa. I'm playing with... Continue Reading →

Snowshoeing Photo Essay – Get Featured!

After my big adventure, I had to take Danny snowshoeing. Roxy raced ahead. Danny followed my lead down to the Sally Barber Road. Once we hit the mining trail, we cruised on the hard-packed snow. We ran into a runner who suggested trekking to the mine or looping around by taking Nightmare on Bald Mountain... Continue Reading →

Roxy Is Ready to Go! A Contest

Roxy had two huge bladder stones removed and now she's ready for anything! She doesn't want to be left behind. I found her in my carryon bag. The photo bomber is back! This photo deserves a caption and you deserve a prize. Leave a caption in the comment section. I'll have my son and daughter pick... Continue Reading →

Where in the World Am I this Time?

Can you guess? Identify my location and you will win a priceless trinket which will be delivered by armored truck and handed to you by the celebrity of your choice. Okay. You'll receive a small package in the mail. Mystery Photo #1 Mystery Photo #2 Mystery Photo #3 Mystery Photo #4 Mystery Photo #5 Pretty... Continue Reading →

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