Going for Gold – Fall Photos

Lower Mohawk Lake at the foot of Quandary Peak. A peek at a peak. A light dusting at Breckenridge from Boreas Pass Road. Striking gold at every turn. Not quite the peak of the season, but putting on a good show. Shadows stretch across the road as days shorten. Colorado gold takes my breath away.... Continue Reading →

The Bright Side Top Ten List

Most of you come to the Wild Ride for an upbeat quirky post and I don't think I have let you down yet. This is Boulder, Colorado's eighth, yes, 8TH week of snow in a row. Talk about quirky! My husband, Danny, and I enjoyed summer-like weather last weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon and evening... Continue Reading →


Are you feeling it yet? That creepy spine tingling shiver that crawls up your back leaving your little hairs all electrified? Are you seeing shadowy figures in the dark corners of your house? Do they vanish as you gasp while swinging around towards the entity? Well, I am here to get you in the mood.... Continue Reading →

Stalked – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Wheat swaying in the moonlight swished like waves in an iridescent sea. She cut a path through the field, propelled by hunger and the seductive aroma of dinner. Clouds that had flitted across the sky now obliterated the only light source and she found herself concentrating on her footing. A twig snapped and she slowed... Continue Reading →

Life Interrupted – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Sunlight flickered through the leaves of the maple tree creating moving patterns on the sidewalk. The swish of leaves seemed like ancient melodic music filtering down from above. While looking up at its canopy, she heard the warning call of a robin protecting its nest. She continued her work with urgency. As she struggled with... Continue Reading →

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