Wild Convergence On The Mountain

There was a whole lot of converging going on at Breckenridge Ski Resort. I took several photos of my wild Colorado adventure as it emerged. As a rule, I avoid converging with other skiers, especially when the bottom of the run is congested. Black Friday Weekend shopping at the outlet centers became a divergent force which drew... Continue Reading →

Get Ready Before It’s Too Late!

"Red sky at morning gives sailors first warning." This photo was taken today! A blustery Rocky Mountain wind pummeled our house all night and is still thrashing our trees causing their remaining leaves to tumble like autumnal rain. A change in the weather is coming. Meteorologists have been predicting this storm like salivating dogs staring... Continue Reading →

It Was A-Maizing!

My obsession with mazes began as a child. I remember trying to find my way through them on paper and having a difficult time. I've always been directionally challenged. When I discovered a great corn maze was located down the road from our house, my husband, Danny, and I had to go. They should call them,... Continue Reading →

Roxy and Squirrel and the Contest

Our dog Roxy has a friend. Squirrel hangs out in our oak trees or on the roof and waits for her to come out into the yard. He chirps and chatters and makes a ruckus. He acts like this is HIS yard.  Roxy knows better. A showdown occurs every day. I wouldn't mind except our petite... Continue Reading →

Going for Gold – Fall Photos

Lower Mohawk Lake at the foot of Quandary Peak. A peek at a peak. A light dusting at Breckenridge from Boreas Pass Road. Striking gold at every turn. Not quite the peak of the season, but putting on a good show. Shadows stretch across the road as days shorten. Colorado gold takes my breath away.... Continue Reading →

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