Skiing Heavenly is Pretty Much, Heavenly!

Where do Colorado skiers and boarders go on spring vacation? To ski and ride Heavenly Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe of course. We soon found out why it was aptly named, Heavenly. We found it most heavenly. Come along on my surreal photo journey.

Heavenly ride to the top

Situated in South Lake Tahoe on the Nevada and California border there were surprising differences. The Nevada side looked out over the mountain range and remained sheltered during snowstorms. The California side was, well, you’ll see!

The Nevada side of Heavenly Ski Resort

Heavenly snow totals piled up during the week!

Skiing, snowboarding, Heavenly, Lake Tahoe

Snow clung to trees like hoar frost, making the snowy heaven complete.

Top of Heavenly

With Lake Tahoe in the backdrop on the California side, we enjoyed the incredibly beautiful landscape.

Heavenly view of Lake Tahoe

With nary a liftline, we skied most of the mountain.

A heavenly view from the top

We skied hard and played harder!

heavenly moments

When we finally stopped for lunch, we spent time pondering deep thoughts while enjoying the outdoors.

Deep thoughts

We took breaks when needed….

taking a breather at heavenly

And then skied the catwalk back home.

Check out the video! The view of Lake Tahoe is surreal.

Heavenly Ski Resort is Heavenly Family Vacation in Lake Tahoe


Have you gone on a wintry vacation? Do you prefer the beach? What’s on your bucket list?

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What to do in Reno when you have four hours to spare!

When some of our bags didn’t make the flight from Denver to Reno, Nevada, the six of us hit the road in a mega-vehicle to entertain ourselves for four hours.

First on the agenda? Lunch! We found Midtown Eats and enjoyed a filling meal complete with industrial surroundings and a lively atmosphere.

Enjoying lunch in Reno!

In a town known for its quickie divorces, we found a unique advertisement for another way to deal with regret – Tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal in Reno

From the residential area, we drove downtown and were greeted quite stupendously.

Downtown Reno sign

When we noticed “striking architecture” up ahead, we decided to take a closer look.

The International Bowling Museum

The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame was free and very quiet. In fact, we were the only people there. The only sound came from a loop explaining the history of bowling shoes.

Entrance to the International Bowling Museum.

Huge bowling ball and pin sculpture

As we drove down the street, I noticed a peculiar park where children played called Playa Art Park. It looked as if Tim Burton had been its creative consultant. A child climbed out of the eye socket before I snapped the picture.

Skull sculpture in a Reno Nevada park

Only in Nevada!

Nukes license plate

My son, Kelly, discovered a most unique way to travel in Reno. A TARDIS!

Reno Tardis

Since Nevada is home to lots of weird phenomena and alien sightings, it wasn’t that surprising to discover an INFINITY RAINBOW.

infinity rainbow

Weird phenomena

We collected our luggage and the six of us headed to Lake Tahoe.

More of my wild adventure to come!

Have you been to Reno? Do you have plans to take a vacation this spring? Have you ever seen an infinity rainbow around the sun?

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What to do in Reno if you have four hours to spare

When March Becomes Monstrous and Mazelike

To me, spring break is synonymous with warm, sunny beaches while surfing, swimming and exploring.

We didn’t plan a vacation this spring.

*cue sound of needle scratching record*

Dj scratching record gif

Not quite what I was looking for, but you get my drift, right?

No worries! March padded in with little lamb toes. They were so cute and pink and soft… Buds formed on the trees and some leafed out. My roses basked in the warm sunshine. I enjoyed temperatures that hovered in the high sixties.

And then, when we least expected it, that baby lamb transformed into a MONSTROUS WILD CREATURE! I live in Colorado, but I still wasn’t prepared.

We woke up to this on Wednesday.

snow covered windows

Snow flew sideways in quarter-sized flakes plastering our windows like a landscape from The Day After Tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow polar vortex gif

So when you just wake up and you can’t see out your windows ON THE SECOND FLOOR it makes you think. Okay. It made ME think.

Me: Whoa! How much snow fell last night? Thirty feet? Is this Snowmageddon? Is this the beginning of a new Ice Age?

Sure forecasters predicted snow, but in the 2-4 inch range. Inches. Not FEET!

If you look closely, you can see the size of the flakes.


Our Bichon, Roxy, wasn’t having it. She’s a hopper and for having super short front legs, she can race across the lawn like a rabbit, if there isn’t any snow on said lawn.

Roxy couldn’t see above the shoveled path.



She was like:

maze in The Shining gif

After my husband, Danny, shoveled a path to the street, Roxy shot through the tunnel-like maze. She continued to the street right past him to an intersection of tire track on the road. I raced out after her, but she wouldn’t come to me when I called.

A neighbor whose flight was cancelled drove up to us. While we commiserated about the snow and beach vacations, Roxy trotted all the way down the long block until I couldn’t see her anymore. As I grew concerned, her little head appeared in the tire track as she ran back with her head down and tail between her legs.

I brought her back inside the house.


Then I built a snow woman.

Do you think it’s fair that snowman is one word and snow woman is two? I don’t.

building a snow woman

We had heard from a very reliable forecasting source, (Okay, so there is no such thing) temperatures would rise into the 50’s the next day.

Although it warmed up into the 40’s, we woke up to this at twilight on Saturday morning. WHAT? MORE SNOW!

another snowy day backyard photo and pond in Boulder

When will it end?

Snow can fall through May. I better start planning a vacation.

Are you ready for a spring vacation or are you already on one? Can I come and visit?

This is a response to the Friday Photo Challenge – Half-Light in the reverse of the old allegory, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”