Only in California…

I'm back from my Epic Road Trip. There were a couple of California signs I had to share. You'd never see this on a telephone pole in Boulder. Read it carefully. I don't want you to hurt the poor little guy or gal. Don't you think toucan bird is redundant or am I missing something?... Continue Reading →

Ephemeral Photos!

Ephemeral - Lasting for a very short time. Isn't all of life ephemeral? Is seeing believing or do we only see what we believe?  It's all smoke and mirrors, even at the Denver Cheesecake Factory. Nothing lasts forever. I know. This one is super cliché, but I couldn't resist. Ha! Which is your favorite? This... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Flashback!

We probably won't take a vacation until May, so I've been drooling over my vacation photos. These are a few I took in California last year. I miss the fresh sea air, the farm-to-table restaurants and the blending of architecture, art, and landscape found at the Getty Museum. I hope to visit again soon. My... Continue Reading →

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