Are you feeling it yet? That creepy spine tingling shiver that crawls up your back leaving your little hairs all electrified? Are you seeing shadowy figures in the dark corners of your house? Do they vanish as you gasp while swinging around towards the entity? Well, I am here to get you in the mood.... Continue Reading →

Move Over Reese Witherspoon!

After all the begging, pleading, and licking, I caved. No, I didn't run out and buy those fancylike hiking shoes even though Roxy has been lusting for them. She still LOVES her Ghetto Mittens. She wouldn't take no for an answer, so I gave in and made another movie. I know you think her Ghetto Mittens... Continue Reading →

Taking It to New Heights

While typing away in my little corner of the sunroom, my dog Roxy started a barking fit in the garage. I assumed the door was wide open and a bird had flown in. Have you ever noticed that an entire wall can be open, but a bird will insist on trying to fly through a... Continue Reading →

Make a Wish!

When you make a wish, does one pop into your head or do you have to think for a minute or two? A wish is a hope or desire and I've had my share, but I’m really careful what I wish since so many have come true.

Want to Get Higher?

You never know what you might see in your own backyard, especially if you live in Colorado. While growing up in Wisconsin, I never once set eyes on a hot air balloon. The abundance of trees and lakes make cloud hopping too risky. My only experience with them was in the movie, The Wizard of Oz.... Continue Reading →

My Gelatinous Friends

As spring slides into summer, my thoughts turn to jellyfish; don’t yours? I find these undulating sea creatures so fascinating with long tendrils trailing behind their gelatinous bodies. They are the ballerinas of the deep while dancing through the ocean current.  Skeletonless, they are original shapeshifters. When confronting an enemy, the dance transforms into a... Continue Reading →

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