Use Me and Abuse Me Blog Party – Summer Vacation Edition


Hello Wild Riders! It’s time for another virtual blog party where you can Use Me and Abuse Me. Bring a link from ONE of your blog posts and paste it in my comment section. Then the party begins! Click on a few links and mingle. Say hello to the guests. There are always new faces in the crowd.

Feel free to leave a hook with your link, so the guests know what your post is about. Click on a few and tell them, “Susie sent me.” They should click back to your place. You could “pick up” a few new subscribers.

Don’t leave a link and run home. Make sure to stay a while and meet my friends.

The bar is open and the buffet is loaded down. Everything is virtual, so go ahead and INDULGE!

DJ Kelly Smash

DJ Kelly Smash is IN THE HOUSE! Stand up and DANCE!

A Virtual Blog Party to Use Me and Abuse Me – Marching into April Edition

It’s time once again to Use Me and Abuse Me! This is a virtual blog party where you can come and meet my friends. Bring a link from your blog, paste it in my comment section and then click on a few. Mingle with my friends by leaving comments.  Check out their place  Make sure to tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to yours. Maybe you’ll even pick up a few new subscribers.

If you’re going to leave a link, be sure to click on some while you’re here. You wouldn’t go to a party, take a few bottles of wine and go home. This party is all about the blogging community. We don’t have websites. We have blogs. It is a great place to make real friends. The more you click, the more friends you’ll make!

Only leave ONE LINK! Two will put you in my spam filter and that is always so embarrassing. 

Use Me and Abuse March

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Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Spring Thaw Edition

front range 2

It’s another Use Me and Abuse Me Day here at the Wild Ride. This is your chance to mingle and “pick up” some new subscribers. It’s been a long winter here in Colorado and a virtual party is just what we need to thaw out.

I have some new blogger friends who would love to meet you. Bring ONE link from one of your posts and leave it in the comment section along with a short hook to entice the party-goers. Then start clicking links mingling with the guests! Say, “Hello! Susie sent me.” Hang out at their place for a while. Check out their digs. Subscribe to a few of your new friends. Maybe they will subscribe to your blog!

The more links you click, the better the results.

Only post ONE link from your blog in my comment section or you’ll end up in my spam filter. The spammers have been slipping past the bouncer lately. Stinkers!

It is better to bring a link to a specific post than your blog URL. It’s the difference between being welcomed at the door with a hug and opening it up to find no one home. No one feels comfortable peeking into stranger’s bedrooms while shouting, “Hello? Is anybody home?”

This party always becomes a RAGER, so if you want to stop back in a day or two, there will be more bloggers to check out.

Remember your manners. You wouldn’t go to a party, fill your doggy bag and leave, so make sure to read some posts if you are going to leave yours.

The food is catered from the finest restaurants in Boulder. The barista is already concocting cappuccinos, the bar is open, and the DJ is spinning.

The more YOU click on links, the more fun you’ll have!

Have fun and don’t forget to dance. It’s a great way to warm up. OooooO! OooooO!

Heads UP! Welcome Meteor/Asteroid and Party Crashers

meteor 1

The Ultimate Wild Ride!

There is a 150 foot meteor/asteroid racing towards us at alarming speed, no lie, and it is supposed to come within 17,200 miles of Earth on February 15!

What is alarming about this event is not that it could easily knock out satellites nor that it will be a lot closer to us than the moon nor that it could wreak all kinds of havoc with our electronics nor that it could actually smack our planet. No. What is really alarming, is how our experts can’t decide whether to call it a meteor or an asteroid! Continue reading

Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Rolling into Roctober

Fog in the Boulder Valley and snow-capped mountains. It must be October!

Do you know what time it is? It’s another Use Me and Abuse Me Day! Yep. It’s that special day when you can use my blog by abusing my comment section to meet some new writers. It’s a virtual blog party!

Go through your posts and pick one you think the guests might enjoy. Paste ONE link (URL), in my comment section. Feel free to include a short “hook” to entice other partiers to come to your place (blog).

That’s when the party begins. As others post their links, mingle with the guests and check them out. Click on their links. Say hello! Introduce yourself. Tell them Susie sent you. Continue reading

Heads Up! A Party Invitation

I wanted to give you a “heads up” that the next Use Me and Abuse Me Day is coming up this Wednesday, June 6th. That’s the day you can come to my blog for a virtual party. You are welcome to leave a link to one of your posts in my comment section on Wednesday. I found that leaving a hook  or brief description helped lure readers to your blog.

Remember that you don’t go to a party with a to-go box, fill it with appetizers, and leave. In other words, don’t drop off your link without clicking on a few. Continue reading